Day Off.

Day off…I am self employed, it was a simple and well received action. My boss approved she runs a very queer organization. Going to the art studio today to play – it’s extremely cold again…bit of a headache, queasy stomach this morning. Ibuprofen calls.

Here are a couple of articles I read recently that were of interest to me as an evangelical agnostic —

“It’s All God — Amen, Om, Whatever”
– at Alternet

and I was made aware of an article on the cover of Newsweek by Sue J at Nailing Jello To The Wall (a great blog BTW)

The article on the cover of Newsweek today is titled “Our Mutual Joy” and is on gay marriage and the bible.

So there’s something to do on your day off — don’t spend any money…it’s a day without the gay.

Fa la, la,la, la….



4 Responses to “Day Off.”

  1. Thanks for the link, Janet!

    (I was afraid I’d lost you over that “I hate Starbucks” post! LOL!)

  2. I took today off but unfortunately had to spend a lot of money. Martha’s car window fell into the door and I got to spend my morning at the service center. Almost $500to fix!

    But now I am home baking Xmas cookies. Well, I bake some. Mostly I eat the batter.

    I am looking forward to some quiet block of time to read your referenced articles.

    Oh, and I reordered the Werner CD. I have been doing so much online ordering I lose track of what I’ve done. If I wind up with two, I’ll give one as a gift.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  3. Sue — I am not that fragile and you won’t lose me over a latte. Even a venti latte.

    I personally want to impose the “bathroom” tax to work on our deficit …anyone with more bathrooms than humans living in the house has to pay a bathroom tax. Americans are grossly spoiled – this recession is going to show us just how priviledged an existence we have lead.

  4. Hey Jan — I think you are going to love Susan Werner (such a brilliant musician & songwriter) and that cd…for so many personal reasons of late.

    I just read your post and commented twice – unbelievable.

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