First Question…First Answer

I am listening to Ember Swift — who I must say is a really interesting musician, lovely and different. I am really liking the stuff I am listening to.

So here is the first question/first answer. This one is from “anonymous”…

Why do you feel compelled to tell all in a blog? (although this question may sound judgmental, it isn’t – some things you express help me, just curious about the motivation)

Wow. Well to clarify — I so don’t tell all or even close to all. But having said that I try to live with 1. an open heart 2. a sense of unity with others 3. a mind that is forever searching

Open heart …if we live with an open heart we are able to see and accept love from others, I tend to be pretty unguarded in this regard. That sounds funny from a seemingly serial single girl – what I am sensitive to is someone needing something from me to fulfill themselves. That kind of need scares me – love and being open doesn’t.

A sense of unity. As much of an individual as I like to think I am – in essence I feel we all have a lot more in common then we do differences. I don’t really see boundaries – I’ll talk to a famous person, or an infamous, downtrodden one. We’re all the same really – there isn’t anything to hide.

I write and share because I am always seeking — often more interested in questions, than answers.

I write here to sort out my life, I share what I do to feel less alone,sort my thoughts and to reach out a hand to those who read my blog. It does feel ridiculously self indulgent – this purging of one’s thoughts and feelings. I am really grateful for the feedback and like the attention when someone responds or carries on a dialogue with me. I think we all want others to be curious about us and I crave meeting people who I am fascinated with.


2 Responses to “First Question…First Answer”

  1. I really enjoyed your answer. I had never really thought about how truly self-endulgent blogging is. Seriously, Janet, I read your answer twice. It was just beautiful…another seeker. Good.

  2. You know, blogging is very self indulgent. It is. But it’s also very cathartic. I love reading blogs of others, and I love writing my own blog. I think blogging is a healthy way of self expression, and really, what better way is there to get your creative juices going?

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