Questions 2,3…& 4

We’re playing ask 30 questions and get 30 answers — I saw the idea on Maria’s blog. Here are questions 2 and 3 that come from Maria.

What is your least favorite household chore? Your most favorite? And why?

OMG – I loathe, loathe all household chores…just the name “chore” is enough. They are chores…bores…chores. There are books to read, places to go outside, other things to do.

Least favorite…cleaning the bathroom. (obvious)
Favorite…favorite would be washing dishes or perhaps vacuuming. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do either why this has not generalized to any household chore I don’t know. But it hasn’t – I’d much rather work outside any day.

And this one came from Lori at Hahn At Home
Janet – Under what circumstances would you date a woman over 40?

Oh – I guess under many different circumstances. Let’s see I have dated/been involved with/regretted ever meeting (ggg) a handful of women…they have ranged in age from 32 to 59. Actually most of the woman I have dated have been close or over forty.

I want to date, enjoy dating people who are optimistic about life/love, open, have a youthful energy and take care of themselves. That are still curious, and are still curious about life. And I do like people with a sense of style — I just am not attracted to mom jeans, crocs/birks, polar fleece and a baseball cap.

Call me shallow, call me messy…someone PLEASE just call me.


2 Responses to “Questions 2,3…& 4”

  1. TaraDharma Says:

    LOL Janet: someone PLEASE just call me!

    and whaddya mean you’re not attracted to mom jeans – i mean, really!!

  2. Renee Gannon Says:

    Oooo these are fun! I love reading answers to questions about people. Good stuff! Keep ’em coming!

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