More questions…

Kat asked…
What was your favorite author growing up and who is your current favorite?

As bookish as I am as an adult — I was not a bookish child or certainly not to the extent of remembering a favorite author. I did as a small child love the Beatrix Potter story “The Tale of Jeremy Fisher” because I loved fishing and spent a lot of time with my father fishing and I loved frogs. And snakes, and turtles and puppy dog tails. Imagine Jeff Corwin or the Crocodile Hunter that is the kind of little girl I was. Always in the creek capturing something frog, snake, snapping turtle that I would then come home with and create a habitat for.

The first book I read that I remember having a profound impact on me and spending a long time with was Henry David Thoreau’s Walden…this was in college. I spent a summer at MSU away from my friends, not knowing anyone here and taking summer classes. I spent a great deal of time alone and reading Walden. It was quite a contrast for me as I generally spent my time around a lot of people.

My favorite authors now are…
as a humorist/satirist David Sedaris,
creative non-fiction Terry Tempest Williams,
fiction Dorothy Allison, Joyce Carol Oates.
Poets Mary Oliver and Galway Kinnnell.

Rose asked…

Would you rather date someone who you have a lot in common with or someone who has a lot of different interests than you? Why?
What type of woman are you attracted to?

I would rather date someone I have a lot in common with – I think we all want a spiritual, physical and intellectual connection. That is easier I think with common interests and mutual attractions and curiousity about one another. But that said I really am attracted to people who are passionate about things – (well with football being an exception, I am not a sports nut).

As far as a type goes — I am most often strongly attracted to people who are creative & right brained, romantic. Artists, musicians, dancers, writers. I am less attracted to left brained rational, more scientific types. Not attracted to people that are judgemental – more conventional. Johnny Depp any day over Tom Cruise. Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Anniston.

As far as a physical type — I like many different types and not necessarily a beautiful woman (but who doesn’t like beautiful women) but a sense of style is important to me, again I prefer less conventional. I lean towards feminine or certainly not more masculine then I am. Feminine women or bois. I don’t go for butch women to date – nope, nope.

I like the skinny little rock star (and that look) Melissa Ferrick, Kate Moennig, Patty Smith, Ember Swift. Then too I also like the freckled Irish Catholic girl next door – that might be a familiarity thing. And Lucy Lui is hot — love her.


4 Responses to “More questions…”

  1. do you have any pictures of your artwork up anywhere? i would love to see it!

  2. Hello Jessica — if you look at the labels on the right margin of the blog …the topics list you’ll see one called “my art” that will show you all the posts with photos of what I am doing lately.

    THANKS for visiting!

  3. Oh, nice. I see now. Very nice. Ok, wait, not “nice” (I hate it when people say that art is “nice”). It is beautiful in an edgy way. I like.

  4. As a kid, I loved Beatrix Potter, and Thorton W Burgess – who wrote little chapter books about mice, squirrels and blue jays – because I loved being outdoors. I adopted a family of baby garter snakes one day and put them to bed by wrapping them in my mom’s wet sheets, which she was about to hang outside to dry. I had frogs in pails, baby mice, and as many pets as I was allowed to have.

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