A few more easy questions…before I tackle harder stuff.

O.C. of Bears Mountain asks…

Favorite meal?

When I lived to eat (instead of trying to eat to live) I regularly indulged in baby back ribs, onion rings, bacon cheeseburgers and coney islands/chili fries. Those were all the “death on a plate” delicacies I’d overstuff myself on.

The two best meals of my life were had at…B.Smith’s restaurant in New York City. Trips to the city often included eating there, the last time I was there I had a conversation with Lou Gosset Jr. (that was really cool). I would order chicken with a shallot sauce…to die for. I’d try to step outside of that but I was never able to order anything else I loved it so much.

The other best meal was at Bistro 110 in Chicago – love that restaurant too, yes a trip to Chicago equaled going to Bistro 110. I know the meal I died for involved scallops with either a sun dried tomatoes or roasted red pepper sauce.

I did everything short of lick the plate at both locations — I had a food orgasm, the best!

Arial Ray
asked What is your ideal place to live?

I could be happy anywhere really – even Lansing (but it’s challenging).

If we are playing the “anything, anywhere game” – I’d spend my summers in Provincetown and I’d winter in Taos or Sante Fe…Tuscon, Sedona.

I love water and the ocean – and artists, and creativity and loads of gay women. A place with a lot of diversity and music to fill my nights. While I have not been to P-Town I think it would qualify. Northampton would too (minus the ocean ringside) – I like Northampton a lot.

But then winter arrives (and I really am beginning to despise winter) so I need warm air and while I love water…I also love it’s opposite the desert. The desert is quiet, elemental – it is as close as I get to a spiritual existence. Love it (did I mention that I love it).

I’d live near Sante Fe clay – wear jeans and cowboy boots everyday. Get more tattoos, let my hair go grey and my skin grow dry and wrinkled…and make art. There is also a LGBT retirement home there so my little brother would have somewhere to send me when the time comes. Unless I outlive him.

Going to get to your question Freedom Girl about gender and how I identify…maybe later today. Right now all of these restless, restless hounds are demanding a walk.



3 Responses to “A few more easy questions…before I tackle harder stuff.”

  1. Never been to P-town? Make it a priority. Summer is great, although crowded with a lot of straight folks watching whales and queers. But they do a women’s week in October that is just perfect.

  2. Nope no P-Town although I have spent time in Boston, Northampton and a lot of time in Upstate New York…Kingston, Accord, Woodstock area.

    The queer thing is a “mid-life clarity” you know the blog name. I have spent most of my adult life dating really feminine men and preferring to top them.

    gggg it is funny. My evolution, revolution but I have not been to P-Town. But I want to go and to stalk Mary Oliver. Well I just want to sit on the beach with her and talk.

  3. I love the ocean. Being Canadian and all, I wish I could spend my summers in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia.

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