Blog Stalker & Last post.

I have always obviously enjoyed blogging and writing – writing has always been a way to express myself and work through things in my life. I am introspective, single – writing is a way to connect with my thoughts and communicate with others. Writers often seek communities of other writers and blogs are one such community. I have never really spent much time hiding who I am. To know me is to know an open person and one who is very willing to express what I am thinking. Or willing to express when (which is very often) I am completely and utterly confused. Raw honesty – a nod to Jan.

I am honest, open and I’d like to think thoughtful and I feel real connections to the people that come to read my blog and leave comments. I am interested in your lives and your writing. The medium called blogging has been a very important part of my life – it’s helped me through a time when frankly I needed all the help I could get.

And nothing is without it’s problems – my willingness to be open about my life has been violated, raped away. Someone sent me a strange comment at 5:51pm on Friday night March 20. This comment left me feeling like someone is stalking me and someone frankly knows more than I have ever, EVER revealed here. You frankly seem to know things that I have NEVER revealed here period.

This message did not arrive to me from a friend of mine. A friend would not violate my trust in this manner.

The ability to communicate, to use words – to help or to hurt, is a privilege. One should use words respectfully and honestly and frankly one should be accountable for their actions and the things they are willing to say. One should in other words not hide behind an anonymous commentary but rather should be able to stand up like a mature man or woman and take responsibility for their behavior and communication with others.

So I am very creeped out. And again I ask this person to let me know who you are and what in the hell would motivate you to leave the comment you left with me.

In the meantime – a number of posts have been erased. The way I felt last night I would have erased the whole damn blog but I was tired and I went to bed. I might still do that.

Of course I will continue to be myself – an artist and writer – who will continue to live her live openly, make art and write. I am a person who will continue to blog and to read the blogs of my internet friends whose lives and thoughts mean so very much to me.

But I probably will not blog here again. Probably not. I also don’t feel the need to write a personal blog about being queer. I will always write from a personal perspective which includes my view of the world as 1. a human being 2. an artist 3. a woman 4. a queer woman.

When I find the location for the new blog and get it started I will leave a message here with the URL.

Again – to my friends, to those who have taken the time to read, to follow, to get to know me and to care…my deepest, deepest gratitude and hand in friendship continues to be extended to you.

Peace, love & a salute to your most AUTHENTIC selves-

Update: I am rather depressed that I have lost a lot of writing that I would like to have a record of (and no longer do) if some of you have things in your readers…if you would be so kind as to cut and paste…and send them to me I would be grateful.

thanks again. I will re-emerge soon, I am not hiding at all – just exhausted.


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