Blog Stalker & Last post.

I have always obviously enjoyed blogging and writing – writing has always been a way to express myself and work through things in my life. I am introspective, single – writing is a way to connect with my thoughts and communicate with others. Writers often seek communities of other writers and blogs are one such community. I have never really spent much time hiding who I am. To know me is to know an open person and one who is very willing to express what I am thinking. Or willing to express when (which is very often) I am completely and utterly confused. Raw honesty – a nod to Jan.

I am honest, open and I’d like to think thoughtful and I feel real connections to the people that come to read my blog and leave comments. I am interested in your lives and your writing. The medium called blogging has been a very important part of my life – it’s helped me through a time when frankly I needed all the help I could get.

And nothing is without it’s problems – my willingness to be open about my life has been violated, raped away. Someone sent me a strange comment at 5:51pm on Friday night March 20. This comment left me feeling like someone is stalking me and someone frankly knows more than I have ever, EVER revealed here. You frankly seem to know things that I have NEVER revealed here period.

This message did not arrive to me from a friend of mine. A friend would not violate my trust in this manner.

The ability to communicate, to use words – to help or to hurt, is a privilege. One should use words respectfully and honestly and frankly one should be accountable for their actions and the things they are willing to say. One should in other words not hide behind an anonymous commentary but rather should be able to stand up like a mature man or woman and take responsibility for their behavior and communication with others.

So I am very creeped out. And again I ask this person to let me know who you are and what in the hell would motivate you to leave the comment you left with me.

In the meantime – a number of posts have been erased. The way I felt last night I would have erased the whole damn blog but I was tired and I went to bed. I might still do that.

Of course I will continue to be myself – an artist and writer – who will continue to live her live openly, make art and write. I am a person who will continue to blog and to read the blogs of my internet friends whose lives and thoughts mean so very much to me.

But I probably will not blog here again. Probably not. I also don’t feel the need to write a personal blog about being queer. I will always write from a personal perspective which includes my view of the world as 1. a human being 2. an artist 3. a woman 4. a queer woman.

When I find the location for the new blog and get it started I will leave a message here with the URL.

Again – to my friends, to those who have taken the time to read, to follow, to get to know me and to care…my deepest, deepest gratitude and hand in friendship continues to be extended to you.

Peace, love & a salute to your most AUTHENTIC selves-

Update: I am rather depressed that I have lost a lot of writing that I would like to have a record of (and no longer do) if some of you have things in your readers…if you would be so kind as to cut and paste…and send them to me I would be grateful.

thanks again. I will re-emerge soon, I am not hiding at all – just exhausted.


13 Responses to “Blog Stalker & Last post.”

  1. whispers Says:

    if someone is stalking you, leaving the url to the new blog is not a good plan, they can just follow you.
    suggestion, set up an email in gmail, just for people to request the address of the new blog. much safer.

    sorry someone chose to violate you in that way.

  2. Thank you whispers — no I will not leave a route for whomever has been “so helpful” to me to follow me.

  3. i’m sorry someone has chosen to be so creepy. i had just started reading thru your blogs. is there a way to make them private and give out a password to just a few?

    anyway..regardless of what you do..don’t let anonymous exhaust you. good luck.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that some creepy stalker has violated your privacy. And sorrier to hear that you will no longer be sharing your writing. I not long ago found your blog and have truly enjoyed reading you – you often express feelings I am not able to.

  5. Wow MLC. Very sorry to read that. Please, please let me know, if you are so inclined, on how I can find you when you get your new site up and running. I can always be reached at

    Blog stalking seems to be more prevalent lately. How very frustrating for you and all of your readers. Hope to see you posting again soon. Wishing you well.

  6. So sorry to hear you’re leaving. I didn’t always leave comments but I always read your postings and enjoyed looking at your art work. I hope you find a safe place.

  7. Well, you KNOW I understand. But, J…DO NOT let them win. I dismantled my previous blog because of a blog stalker and I have always regretted that. Some of my best stuff was on that one.

    I refuse to let that damn pee butt win. And so should you.

  8. I’m very sorry you’ve been stalked, it’s horrible. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and hope to read your posts again in the future. Good luck finding a new space.

  9. Arial Ray Says:


    I took an old blog down once…in response to a real-life acquaintance who decided to bully and intimidate me online. I have regretted it ever since, because I lost some fine pieces of writing. It was only after leaving my old site (xanga) that I managed to elude her, in spite of blocking her and changing my blog name more than once. Knowing who she was did not help me at all…she was an angry person who needed a target, and I was handy.

    I carried that pain with me for a long time. I hope that wherever you plan to go, blogging-wise, that you continue to use your beautiful voice. I would appreciate your new blog details when you have them –

    I’m dreaming something up right now – as much as I like blogging, it’s not always the best place to share my writing…when I am further along, I’ll post more details on my own blog.

    be strong, and know that one person’s actions cannot change who you are

  10. the only daughter Says:

    I haven’t been reading all that long and don’t comment all that much. But I have enjoyed every word, every image, and have felt every emotion.

    I’m sorry you have been violated in such a way and even more sorry that it forced your hand that resulted in losing a part of you.

    However you choose to proceed, I wish you the very, very best.

    I hope to *see* you…somewhere, somehow.


  11. Hi MLC,

    I could have written the same comment as the only daughter, it is like she read my mind.

    I am so very sorry that this has happened to you, I really don’t understand what motivates people sometimes.

    I did have some of your recent post so have emailed them back to you 🙂

    Take care and good luck in what ever decisions you make.


  12. I’m so sorry to lose your authentic voice. Even for a while–I really look forward to what you will say even though I’ve not gone back to read behind what you’ve written recently… you have helped me grow and change as a person. Someone has to be really ugly to cut out pieces of your writing though. Blessings–whatever you need to do is understandable.

  13. I had a blog stalker once, and I agonized over what to do. One thing I knew I would never do is shut down my blog because of it. I didn’t want anyone to have that power over me.

    Instead I wrote an open letter to the stalker on my blog (like you’ve done) saying exactly how I felt and letting her know that her actions were not okay. My friends were very supportive of course, and left many comments in agreement on my blog, out there for my stalker to see. I was fortunate that the stalking ended shortly thereafter.

    Best of luck choosing your path. Just don’t give up your power.

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