Holding On…

There are things we hold onto…

I remember a day
in a kitchen
we were watching friend’s children for the day.

came downstairs with a little girl in your arms
a towel over the other shoulder.

How you held her
in your arms
the light hitting your hair
that was tossled
from an afternoon
of playing fort with her brother.

I thought
and perfectly

perfectly beautiful you are,
I could live forever
and not have enough time
to watch you,
to feel like this.
So connected,
so present
to a moment,
so perfectly lovely in every way.

I hold on
to a hope
to a hope
that wherever your life takes you,
you feel
that wonderful moment
you gave me-

and over,
and over,

I hold onto the hope that you are happy.
As grateful
as I feel everyday.

Holding on
with absolute trust
that this life
is fleeting
and precious
and so beautiful it’s an agony we can hardly endure
and yet we do.

I hold on only to the wish that you are happy.


One Response to “Holding On…”

  1. how perfect the words…


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