Not Even The Rain.

So the house is now wired for the kiln – well more specifically the breezeway. I cannot wait until it arrives as a whole new world will blow open for me. Currently there is quite a bit of time between my making a piece, bisque firing, glazing and final firing. In some cases months – literally – not kidding. I have not been involved in the firing process but rather have to rely on others to do the firing for me. Now I’ll have a kiln, and immediate gratification and the ability to experiment and see the results within hours not months.

I am soooo excited.

I finished this piece up yesterday – I went to one of my BFF’s to fire it. Had a wonderful easy day twittering around, seeing her new studio space, eating, laughing, making stuff (well in this case raku firing the piece). My friend had been working on her tree house – yes my friend is in her mid 50’s and she has a tree house. I have uber COOL, smart and talented friends like that. Quirky and unconventional…thank dog!

So the piece – is called “Not Even The Rain Has Such Small Hands” – and it’s hand built stoneware with a raku fired glaze finish. It’s not quite complete I need to do some things so that it will hang on a wall. I want to add some rusty bits & charms. The piece is inspired by one of my favorite poems by e.e. cummings, the last stanza reads…

(i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens;only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands

You can read the rest of the poem here. It is perhaps my favorite poem – the romantic in me just finds those last lines some of the most beautiful ever written.

So the piece is a house of sorts, for a broken heart of sorts, that was sort of boarded up. It’s dark and rusty and well broken. And I love it…
like I love this song…

And as for me on a Tuesday — I am coming around, catching up on sleep, writing loads (so therapeutic)…making things I am really keen on. So certainly not broken and the little bruises have all almost faded. I shake my head surprised by people and I am ready like the bold crocus outside my door to turn my head, once again, up to the sun.

What has spring brought to your life?


9 Responses to “Not Even The Rain.”

  1. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I am still in a funk I can’t seem to shake. My daffodils have all broken ground (which does make me smile) but it is still winter cold here. I need some warmth.

    Happy you are coming out the other side of hurt. Hope springs eternal.

  2. I love your birdie house piece!
    Simply darling!

    Glad spring is treating you well 🙂
    It’s so soggy and wet here.. I need some sunshine on my face!

  3. TaraDharma Says:

    great song…broken things. I saw that broken boarded up heart right away…and also see how rich and red it is. Thank dog, as you say!

    spring has brought me a new beginning…I’m starting the paperwork to retire from the U. after 22 years. At 52, this feels pretty stupid and scary, but necessary. See what comes!

  4. Cool piece MLC. I like how it is somewhat “locked away” and yet it is visible enough to serve as a reminder of how fragile our hearts can be.

    Cold here this week in Mass. Waiting patiently for spring. The pool opens in a month and a half!

  5. That is one of my favorite poems.

  6. i too saw right away that it was a very loving, warm heart inside a home yet boarded up, not so it couldnt get out precisely, more for pain not to get in.
    glad youre still here.
    and queer.
    my dear.
    i fear-
    i appear..
    to adhere
    to be queer,



  7. Jeanette Says:

    Oh, I love that piece. Love it. Love it. Love it. Will you make me something one day J? Please. I shall gladly pay you and gladly accept and love and display a piece of your art.


  8. Thank you Jeanette – yes I will make you something one day. My pleasure and someday I am going to meet you in person because we need to have a cup of coffee together. And I want one of your photographs!

  9. It is a deal – art for art. i do so like a good barter – and although I don’t drink coffee, I’ll sit across from you and watch as you drink yours:)

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