Art Studio Wednesday

Going into the art studio today to work on “the bone of contention was safely contained” – I’ll post a photo when it is done, excited to get to work on it.

The next post is a “repeat” because I don’t have any time to write this morning and it got lost in my brain hiccup of deleting and uploading posts – and stalkers and all of that. Anyway that will never happen again, no more deleting my work – I am a writer, we write about our lives, share, seek feedback and this is my way of publishing. Besides Random House is not interested.

So scroll through – and again- if anyone has my posts from the dates December 15th to the present, if you don’t mind sending them to me that would be terrific. I am grateful for all of the posts I have already received.



3 Responses to “Art Studio Wednesday”

  1. TaraDharma Says:

    here’s hoping you’re having a productive and satisfying day in the studio!!

  2. I had a great day — nothing like the end of a relationship to start a whole lot of productivity for an artist. It’s my therapy.

  3. I am just starting blogging on WORDPRESS. I am also an artist and writer- but here’s the rub: I’m old, and straight, so I don’t know if that disqualifies me. If you can get to it- I had an earlier blog “Notes From The Back of a Deposit Slip”. It had a lot of art tips in it- but the name was too long and hard to remember- even though that was what I was using the deposit slips for- SOB. Anyway, you have a great day (and life). Best, Betty

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