I Want To Be Pink’s Couch


5 Responses to “I Want To Be Pink’s Couch”

  1. i’ll fight ya for it….. OHMYGOD!
    how sensual and sexy is that?

    ok, lets make a deal…
    we’ll take turns, ok?


    i love her voice.


  2. 8thdayplanner Says:

    Hmmm. And I always thought you were a top.

  3. Ha well – getting underneath someone doesn’t necessarily mean being on the bottom. 🙂

    Besides it’s Pink – I’d make an exception or at least let her think I did.

    And um the video is crazy hot.

  4. I actually went out with a woman that looked a lot like Pink – but she didn’t dance anything like her. Unfortunately.

    A beautiful girl but really screwed up.

  5. TaraDharma Says:



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