Tina’s Cowboy Hat Challenge

OK – it’s Tina’s cowboy hat challenge. Only I don’t have a hat …apparently because I don’t have a head – well I certainly have lost my head before for a pretty woman. But I do have some kick ass cowboy boots!


9 Responses to “Tina’s Cowboy Hat Challenge”

  1. Arial Ray Says:

    oh, but the boots are a fine replacement….

  2. what does your tattoo say, if you dont mind me asking?
    nice boots.
    they be made for walking.
    or kicking some ass or just plain good old line dancing.


  3. My tattoo is a koi fish – the Buddhists believe koi fish swim through the water like a person swims through suffering in their lives. It represents longevity. The symbol on the underside of the tattoo is for compassion. I thought I had more photos of it or a blog post about tattoos? pretty sure I do…maybe it’s time for another.

  4. 8thdayplanner Says:

    Am I the only one not looking at the boots?

  5. @ 8thdayplanner – what boots?

    Smoking hot. whew

  6. Ah shucks – thanks. My new thermachromatic t-shirt from american apparel…it changes color where you are um hot.

    It’s fun.

  7. Tina-cious.com Says:

    Uh yeah… I’ll take it! LOLOL

    Awesome pic! 🙂

    Adding your link to my entry now…

  8. well… damn. Just…. damn.

    Very nice pic!

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