Day 3: Change Everything …or well nearly.

Change everything. Make it roof top garden, ginger palm, and sunny daffodil. A hall needs a little Ralph Lauren regent metallic …golden candlesticks perhaps? Certainly on the ceiling for a warm glow from the hallway. Have fun. Change everything.

Change everything. That is what this relationship did for me – it changed everything. I’ve always lived in a more bohemian manner – books everywhere, projects everywhere (usually not completed) …I mean the shower fixture in the bathroom is currently held up with duct tape. Well it broke, I haven’t replaced it, it works – I usually shower at the gym anyway. I live in a frat house for dogs – it’s not pretty, there is a lot of stuff that needs doing, fixing or reviving. Somehow over the years living in my house, I have trained myself (a highly aesthetic person) to not see it.

Change everything. So you start to date, you start to get to know someone and you are surprised that this is, for the first time, someone you really like. Everything changes – because suddenly you are looking at yourself, your life, your appearance, your home. Everything about you, you are seeing through the eyes of someone else.

That is not to say that you are changing to become more acceptable, or desirable, or whatever – just that everything changes including how you see yourself. Awareness increases.

We do learn a lot about who we are through our relationships to other people…it rattles the cage, it disturbs the dust, it shakes loose the cobwebs covering our little lives. In my case literally.

And all of this is good. And sometimes regardless of how one feels – the relationship doesn’t work.

you can still continue to finish your project of painting the whole house. So I have finished the living room – there is trim work and touch up to do. It feels a bit like I am living in Panera Bread…or a Starbucks. A darker palette and I have painted the walls different colors – I’ll toss up some photos later.

What are you going to do to bring some change to your life this spring?


4 Responses to “Day 3: Change Everything …or well nearly.”

  1. My new car will be my big change – I can’t wait!

  2. Uhhhh.. I hate change but the only thing consistent is of course change… uhhhh! I am taking care of ME.. doing the things I like to do.. go where I want to go… and not be worried about anyone else (within reason of course). LOL! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I have been going to the gym 6 days a week, changed my eating habits, planted a garden, cleaned my sox drawer and planned a trip to the beach. Mixing it up…..changing the process and processing the changes. Life is good.

  4. Well, I’m changing my blogger url, for starters.

    And I’m learning to unfold and open – slowly. Actually, no. I’m taking a giant leap off a cliff. Yikes!

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