Late night Cat Stevens

I was just remembering how often I listened to this Cat Stevens album in college and how much I loved this song in particular.


5 Responses to “Late night Cat Stevens”

  1. ohmygod, J.

    i'm a bit teary right now. ;(
    but its OK cuz
    i love cat stevens as well.
    my fave is father & son.. i cant get through that one without hard sobbing. always makes me think of my father, but then it turned into just pure love a parent has for their children… and it made me wanna be a better mother than mine was to me. even though the gender is the wrong one in my case, i could feel what he was saying and i took it right to heart.


    thanks, hon, for da mammeries….

    (misspelled intentionally)


  2. Love the Cat Stevens–and really got hooked on him when I saw the movie Harold and Maude. Amazing how time passes and now I don’t know when I heard him last.

  3. I love Cat Stevens so very much. This is a particularly touching song.

  4. One of my favorites… sweet, simple, earnest.

  5. TaraDharma Says:

    great video – I, too, am a fan. Every album, every songbook, strumming those songs in my back yard in high school. I was smitten by the man and his melodies.

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