Boy Chick.


I don’t know what a boy chick is – perhaps through writing here I will arrive at a definition.  I do know when I heard a friend refer to herself as a “boy chick” I thought “YES” – I am too.  You see I have never given a lot of thought to gender – except that I have always felt not exactly male or female.  I play in other words with gender –at least  I suppose I do.  I confuse people a bit – straight men, straight women, gay men, lesbians have all at times found me attractive.  It confuses me but then frankly it doesn’t …I like it if people find me attractive.  Who doesn’t.

But I do seem to lack a simple definition or at least I hope I do.  I hate labels and a world of black, white, male, female, short, tall, gay, straight — I like shades of grey, blurry lines and fuzzy edges.  Questions not answers.  Enigmas.  I’m completely comfortable in other words with confusion.

I do know a boy chick when I see one but if I referred you to Drew, Beth, Liz well you would have no idea who I mean.  So let me instead share a list of woman I think of as “boy chicks”…Kate Moennig, Jackie Warner, Melissa Ferrick, Jenny Shimizu.

Am I beginning to make any sense?  Does it even matter?  I am an old boy chick — female but with boyish qualities.  Definitely middle aged, definitely queer – definitely feel like a little five year old boy chick inside.  In other words while I am getting older, I’m definitely growing down and hope to always maintain a childlike curiosity and playfulness about life.   I’m frankly shocked when I look in the mirror and realize I am not as young as I feel inside (or that I don’t look anything like Jenny Shimizu).

So that is who I am.

Welcome, sit down -put your feet up.  Oh your Vans are great, I also love red heels…stay a while.  Tell me who you are.


15 Responses to “Boy Chick.”

  1. Looking foreward to this new site. Your play on words is both thoughtful and interesting.

  2. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

    And thanks for the invite.

  3. Excellent start and a big ol’ welcome to your new space!

    Boy Chicks are swoony so I very much approve of your new alias. Perfect

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. looking forward to reading you here, as we all travell this life and mull via our blogs!

  6. Hurray! Boy chicks, tomboys, grrlz and bois… we are all members of the queer club. More power to us!

  7. Welcome to WP.
    I look forward to more of your unique point of view.

    I love the moniker Boychick. Its very visual.

  8. Great start! I love me some boychiks

  9. I made it here!

    Boychick is a fabulous handle.

  10. boychick1 Says:

    Welcome All! And thanks for following me over to WordPress – I feel a little lost right now but soon it will feel like the right home for my queer blog.

  11. joliesse Says:

    Excellent – looking forward to it, and I agree with prior posters. Boychick is a fabulous name for you, and such a yummy visual concept.

  12. Boychick. I like it. Like the name, like the concept, like it all. I read your blog quite a bit but haven’t commented yet (I don’t think), so I wanted to say hi – and let you know that I’m a fellow gender bender, and not a stalker. Well, unless I’m stalking a bottle of Grey Goose, but that’s a different story altogether.

  13. Love it. Love boychick as both a moniker and a descriptor. You probably know the Yiddish. Thanks for the 37 idea, which I started today. 😀

  14. Yo, Boy Chick. I like the new digs. Congrats on the increase of your fan base.

  15. I love what you wrote I so identify with that! Im in between young and old all at the same time….i do not like labels but if I had to have one it would be as you decsribed boy chick!

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