Privacy, Passwords etc.

As many of you know – if you followed my previous blog I had some problems with privacy.  I don’t mind if you link from your blogs to this one – not a problem.  I will always write from a personal perspective which includes my poetry, prose and other things you came to be familiar with on MLC – those posts will not be protected.  But I am not going to share my full name or photos here.  

Regarding the password for protected posts.  Protected posts are protected – to maintain my privacy.  A very small circle of close friends have the password and that is the way it shall remain.  I have a need to write about certain topics but I don’t have an obligation to share that with everyone who stops by.

So that said — I’ll offer the password to those individuals I have a long history of friendship and blogging with.  And the password is something I will offer you it’s not something you can ask for.

Respectfully – and thanks for understanding.



One Response to “Privacy, Passwords etc.”

  1. Good luck with your blogging! Nice layout you have on this side of the fence! 🙂

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