I’ve Been Tagged

Running Away With The Spoon Tagged me. I don’t tag others – so if you want to play take the meme and run.

Five names you go by 1. Janet 2. Janet 3. Janet 4. Janet 5. Weirdo

Three things you are wearing right now 1. Keens 2. 5o1 Button flys 3. Tank top (I am a cliche’ it seems)

Three things you want very badly at the moment 1. To go to bed. 2. To wake up 3. To discover I have become a trust baby.

Two people who will probably fill this out: No idea.

Two things you did last night 1. Had a consultation 2. Read

Two things you ate today 1. Buddha’s Delight 2. Green Goddess Smoothie

Two people you last talked to on the phone 1. Maria 2. Janice

Two things you are doing tomorrow 1. Going to lesbian/queer women coffee group 2. going to the gym

Two longest car rides 1. Lansing to Keene New Hampshire 2. Lansing to Accord New York

Two of your favourite beverages 1. Earl Grey Tea with lavender 2. A nice Shiraz


2 Responses to “Meme”

  1. I love that cliche’ so very much.

    • Well that Greg is why you are in the inner circle and next time I am going to look for someone who appreciates a good cliche’. How is your new ride? Arrived yet…

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