9. Bring More Pain To Your Life…

dscn0160_21So it’s Sunday morning and outside things are greening up and the sun is shining.  It’s cold though and I’m still eagerly awaiting the day when I can step out into spring without several layers, including a Marmot fleece jacket.  Not there yet.  The little town of East Lansing is going to be going crazier over those Spartans and after their win last night.  I turned the game on as the last few minutes ticked off – hey well I was busy and I am just not into sports.  So there.  Maybe I’ll watch Monday – maybe I’ll go to the chick bar and watch.

I’m sore.  I am sore from a lot of work to my mid-section at the gym yesterday.  Crunch.  Crunch. Crunch.  I’ve been thinking about my current ink and thinking I need to add some more to my life and yep to my stomach/pelvis region.

This is what I have right now…

n1315682481_128075_1911 It’s a koi fish – which symbolizes longevity.  The Buddhists believe Koi fish swim through water much like we move through the suffering in our lives. Of course Buddhists would not get a tattoo,  they might not eat bacon cheeseburgers either in a moment of extreme spiritual weakness.  The symbol is for compassion, at least I hope it is.  For all I know it might say “moo shu vegetable” because I did my research on the internet and we all know what a great source for information that is.  Eric Jenks did my tattoo he owns Fish Ladder Tattoo.  Very talented and a really great guy, take a look at his portfolio his business partner is terrific too.

So I am thinking my mid-section needs a Japanese style tattoo and I have been working my abs and drinking a fair number of spinach smoothies in preparation for more pain and the summer season.

And when I begin to occupy a little too much of the space in my head – otherwise known as the over analyzing anxiety chamber – I make attempts to get out of my head.  Focusing on my body, the gym, exercising, obsessing about something else, thinking about sex, my diet, doing a wee bit of shopping.  It does help to shift focus a bit.

So that IS my 46 year old belly, the new paint in the hallway (ripe wheat). I have painted the ceiling in my tiny little hall gold – the hall gives off a really neat glow now.  When the walls get nice and dry I am going to add some random gold stripes and put the art back up.

So how painful is a tattoo on ones middle?!   Oh I have no intention of going anywhere near ribs.  This time I am thinking flowers, waves and maybe the symbol for love.  Because I have almost forgotten how damn painful over three straight hours of tattooing was before and well one tattoo just seems lonely.

So say something …don’t just sit there.  Objectify me please!


14 Responses to “9. Bring More Pain To Your Life…”

  1. I think tats on the tummy look quite nice. If you can handle sitting through the wonderful one you have on your arm, I’m betting this will be a piece of cake for you.

    I’m not a huge college sports fan either but I think you must be referring to the UConn/Michigan game. I was at a restaurant in a casino in CT last night where everyone was cheering on UConn. We’re a bit disappointed here in New England. Congrats to good luck to your home team.

    Loving the look of the new blog btw.

  2. i’d go for it. I’ve got a very small tatoo on my back, can’t even imagine how much pain you suffered with the koi fish one… but hey it wasn’t that long ago, and if you’ve already forgotten the pain… whatcha waiting for?

    Also, if you’ve got a mid section that’s buffed up, then what’cha waiting for!

  3. very nice flat belly !
    hey boychick, why not… go for it … ouch …

  4. O-U-C-H !!!!!!!!

    but what the hell…. go for it !



  5. It really does help get out of your head to go to the gym and I forget that when I don’t go. That’s a beautiful koi tatoo. Totally don’t want anybody I don’t know touching my body–even avoid doctors, so needles and that considered–it would have to be a lover who made illustrations on me. Maybe my masseuse. Jus sayin.

  6. Finger tips, lips, tongue – all can touch my stomach – gently.

    Needles – I can’t even think about that. It makes my teeth tremble in their sockets.

    I am beginning to worry about your mental health. Maybe you’re been smelling those glazing fumes for too long.

    • No gentle bites? eerrgh no fun. In a very weird way (and something I never thought I’d say after tattoo one) the physical pain is sort of an important part of the process.

      You’ve endured something and are left “forever marked” – I know you know what I mean. It’s a part of the process.

      I think frankly I need to sniff more fumes.

  7. I have to admit that I hate my one tattoo. I got it when I was in my twenties and it seemed a good idea at the time. But, now…I dislike it. It is a rose and in a place that is very common.

    Now, if it were a koi….

  8. I know very well that ‘in your head” feeling, and I’m starting to understand how exercising my body can ground me…better than food ever did. What’s hard for me is dealing with that sense of being disembodied while coping with anemia.

    If I had abs like those…I’d think about a tattoo there, for sure. I want one on my mid-back, but fear of pain is holding me back.

  9. Oh my, that is one sexy stomach. whew! Thank you for that! Oh and yeah, I say go for it.

  10. Girl, if that’s your tummy at 46, you are doing something right! And doing it often. It’s a perfect canvas for the next piece of art.

  11. THANK YOU ALL BIG THANKS. I like the look of the new blog too – and so grateful to have you all follow me here and keep on reading.

  12. Sister what a gorgeous tummy! Gentle bites, yes, I like that. If you feel the need, why not a beautiful tat? Decorate yourself!
    sez the woman who has yet no tats herself.


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