Boy Chic…

dscn0168I’m admittedly an Etsy victim – I love arts and I really get excited about jewelry.  So this necklace and the work of Tracy Antonik really tickled my inner chick (chic).  Her nature inspired glass jewelry can be seen at her Etsy shop located HERE.

And I’ve always liked images with ravens and crows there is something mystical or “other worldly” about them.  So this shot of the crow in the tree appealed to me. Has he just landed, is he about to take off.  Mysterious…my inner boy liked the dark, more masculine image.

Tracy uses her own photographs in her work or in this case the photo was taken by Linda Plaisted.  Linda has her own Esty shop HERE.

dscn0167I like how the work hangs on the body – Tracy wraps the pieces with sterling silver wire and I like the double attachment system.  It’s cool.

I upgraded to the silver snake chain, she also uses ball chains but I don’t like balls.  Go figure.


4 Responses to “Boy Chic…”

  1. i love it! it looks very sensual on you.
    enjoy it!
    you little art wearing boy chic you.


  2. Love it. Thanks for the links — this kind of jewelry is just up my alley.

  3. Love the pun on the ball chains. What a beautiful piece! I agree–though it’s a still shot, it seems to have captured one moment in a time of movement…and we have no idea if the bird is coming to rest or about to fly off. Very mystical and looks lovely on you. You have the perfect skin tone to set it off!

  4. I love it, it looks so good with that oh so sexy green tank…I may have to check that site out.

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