Later today…

Phew.  I will get up a post later on today.  After all I have commited to 37 days of blogging!

Right now – I am attempting to repair the damage caused when one’s head has been up one’s ass. when you have been depressed and not paying attention to one’s business.

On a positive note I seem to have lost some pesky weight in my funk.

Check back later – I will write something (nah this doesn’t count).


3 Responses to “Later today…”

  1. trinity2 Says:

    Hey, chick! Think I can get a password to protected posts?

  2. Dear J, I realized that while it’s quite fun to wait for one of your wonderful posts, being that it is poetry month we lil’ readers could also share back. I liked the below poem today..I’m in post-depressed damage control mode myself. Be gentle.

    A Hand
    by Jane Hirshfield

    A hand is not four fingers and a thumb. Nor is it palm and knuckles, not ligaments or the fat’s yellow pillow, not tendons, star of the wristbone, meander of veins. A hand is not the thick thatch of its lines with their infinite dramas, nor what it has written, not on the page, not on the ecstatic body. Nor is the hand its meadows of holding, of shaping— not sponge of rising yeast-bread, not rotor pin’s smoothness, not ink. The maple’s green hands do not cup the proliferant rain. What empties itself falls into the place that is open. A hand turned upward holds only a single, transparent question. Unanswerable, humming like bees, it rises, swarms, departs.

  3. Thank you for posting. Thank you for being real.

    Now please, a password. Please.

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