Personal Update.

I may not be blogging – but I am fine.  My mother has had another stroke and this one was massive, so my attention is not on updating or posting to my blog.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll do the same.



12 Responses to “Personal Update.”

  1. I am sorry to read your news, i’m thinking of you and hoping that things work out ok.

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry! I’m here, thinking of you and wishing you strength. Please keep us updated.

  3. Prayers ascending for your mom, you and your family.

  4. i pray your mom recovers smoothly. be strong and let love empower you.

  5. Sending out positive thoughts for you and your mom!

  6. sending rainbow thoughts for you and your mom.

  7. take care of yourself and your mother… strong, positive energy coming your way.

  8. oh yikes, hon, I’m so sorry. Prayers and positive energy for you as you deal with this. May you be well during this emergency.

  9. grumpygranny Says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your mother. Be gentle with yourself and take care!


  10. peace, my friend.

  11. thoughts are heading your way….

  12. sending all the comfort and positive vibes I can muster!

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