Sunday Musings.

I have to say first – that if you have a chance to see Katie Herzig playing anywhere near you…well you must go and see her.  She is an amazing musician and singer/songwriter.  Smart, thoughtful lyrics – she has a really interesting voice.  Very talented.  Go give her music a listen.  Katie Herzig!

My thoughts are kind of scattered this morning – flying in from all over the place.  Mother is in the hospital, a stroke, this one is appears not severe but they are running many tests.  Headache.  Gray skies return.  Cat came in with the most beautiful black capped chickadee in his mouth — no I was not interested in seeing the cycle of life and death just moments out of bed.

I just want the encaustic stuff to arrive as I have all of these ideas, many not fully formed that I want to express.  Results are not important the expression of them is.

This morning I am wondering …

did we ever have a chance? With so many women in the room – your past and mine swirling all around us.  Gone before we even got started, who did you leave with…

Play Herzig listen to her albums …The Apple Tree & Weightless listen over and over again.  Hit repeat, again – one more time, play again, play on.


One Response to “Sunday Musings.”

  1. Go reread Marilyn Hacker’s Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons. It may make you weep (as it does me), but you’ll feel less alone.

    Anyplace online where I can see your artwork?

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