The Weekend Is HERE!

The weekend in HERE (or just about) actually my Fridays are easy days of the week for me – the only day I am not teaching so I really look forward to them.

So I had a dream last night, which is unusual for me as I generally don’t have dreams – more like slide shows.  But a dream with a plot and everything.  Apparently it was decided that I would be President of the United States.  I protested this decision quite loudly with all the reasons why I could not be President – no, no, nO.  Then someone told me that if I was willing to be President that I would receive a clothing allowance and I’d be able to wear Jil Sander’s clothing every day.  I could have all the Jil Sander I wanted.   Suddenly that made the job very appealing and I decided I’d take it.

Does this make me shallow?  (I really don’t care apparently as long as I am wearing Jil Sander)

Michigan is going to reach 80 degrees today  — so that means *finally* my favorite outfit can make an appearance.  501 jeans, an American Apparel Classic Girl t-shirt and my Keen flip flops.  I am happy, happy, happy my wardrobe consisting of three articles of clothing.  YEAH!  If it can remain that way until October with only tiny variations (like shorts) I’ll be delighted.

Hmmm…not quite Jil Sanders.

Tomorrow night I am headed to The Ark for a great night of music.  Girlyman is playing and Meg Hutchinson is opening up for them.

I plan to do yard work, paint and hit the gym this weekend (between stints working) what are your plans?!  Are you taking some time for youself with your one precious life – what is going to put a smile on your face?


5 Responses to “The Weekend Is HERE!”

  1. I love how upbeat this post is. Woo Hoo for weekends & especially for hot chicks in blue jeans & tee shirts – bring it!

    We are going to a ball game with Tina & Jess tomorrow (so excited!) and tomorrow night, my cousin, his wife & their baby are coming over. Sunday we’re heading into the city to meet up with a blogger (two parts brave) for the first time.

    It’s a full weekend for sure! So much fun to be had!

  2. So you don’t mind leading as long as its on your own terms? That’s quite reasonable….

    I am enjoying your return to finding joy in your life.

    This weekend….I’m wearing a tank top! I’m wearing a tank top! It’s going to hit 80 in Ontario too, and for the first time in my life I know I look good…I’m going to stay outdoors as much as possible this weekend. Take Emily to the park on Saturday, and perhaps a hike on Sunday with a friend. Who knows? I might even get some housework done.

  3. *pouting* it’s not anywhere near that warm at my house and I am way way south of you! I was thrilled to walk out this morning in shirt sans jacket!

    So nice to hear such peppiness – I’m happier about my own Friday now!

  4. I am most looking forward to an invitation from an elderly gentleman I met last year who invited me over to raid his perennial garden. He has a beautiful iris collection. So I will be playing in the dirt most of the weekend, seeing Susan Werner on Saturday night, and soaking up the rays as much as possible.

    Life is good.

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