…in the proverbial saddle again.

marla_streb_nudeSo I googled images for “back in the sadde” and on page one there was a wee little thumbnail of someone, naked?! – on a bike.  Clicked it and wowsa this is what appeared.  Not exactly what I had in mind or rather exactly what I have on my mind nearly 24 hours a day.

Well since I am a cyclist, of a very amateur sort, it’s appropriate for me to use the photo. After all I don’t ride horses.  And I look just like her, well  minus the long hair, breasts and I’m um 100 years just a little bit older then she is.

Wow.  She’s in great shape what a hot a lovely level of healthy fitness she has achieved.

So I am back in the land of writing, smiling, winking and dating – O.F.A.D has notched up.  I changed my profiles a bit to better reflect who I am and what I am looking for.  Last night half a dozen winks and a couple of e-mails arrived.

This morning I got up and wrote back to all of them — I bit the bullet and paid to be able to e-mail,  as a woman I think is very attractive and not as far away as sunny England smiled at me.  I had been looking at her photos/profile for quite a while now.  She lives an hour away – is tall, blond hair, very white teeth/great smile, nice um she has a very healthy level of fitness and (a drum roll please) she is two years older than I am.

So collective good karma vibes and wishes of the internet — start casting out your charms and wish me success.

Asking the universe for what you want works – the trick I am learning as I get my heart ripped out, spat on and salted, more mature is to be *very specific*.

On a completely unrelated topic — I got a show!  So my art is going to hang at a local theatre for a fundraiser they are having.  Good publicity and the gallery where I currently have my work is teasing me and wants me to do a solo exhibition, invitation only kind of fancy thing.

Ohhh…maybe I’ll have a date, cause sooner or later the so smart, black Ann Klien suit has to come out of the closet again. (yes Greg I’ll post photos).


10 Responses to “…in the proverbial saddle again.”

  1. Thank you, you know I need my fix (black A.K. suit = niiiice).

    This post rocked! The possible date, the show – good for you!!

  2. congratulations on the positive path your life is taking!
    plus … omg … the healthy (very) cyclist has an attractive tattoo, wish i could get a closer look. once you hit sixty you know! long distance vision not as great as it once was 😉

  3. Yum!

    Keep us updated with the email responses!

  4. Congratulations on the show! Awesome!

    I have learned (the hard way) to be specific when asking the universe for things. I usually get what I ask for…I wanted an end to my split shifts, and my hours got cut. I wanted to be authentic and I ended up throwing myself over a cliff…it all works out in the end!

  5. Congrats on everything, but I must say if I looked like that… ever I might ride naked too. Oh so very distracting

  6. I’ll be interested to see how this all shakes out. I confess that I have never done anything of the sort, never really tried to snag anyone. Stuff just happened and sometimes, like when I am alone and my partner is out of town, i confess that I have fantasies about living alone again. i truly am a solitary person and don’t do all that well as part of a couple. So, actively seeking that is foreign to me.

    I confess too, that the photo did absolutely nothing for me. You and I are SO far apart in what is attractive to us. I kept thinking that the woman reminded me of a greyhound. No disrespect intended…I know it is WORK to look like that, but the truth is that it did nada for me!

    • Well I have done both – but most of the women I have dated I have pursued and found them on-line. A couple have pursued me.

      Well Maria we both are willing to jump the fence for Johnny Dep.

      I’d rather look at photos of Kyra Sedgewick (spelling?!!) but couldn’t find any photos of her on a bike.

  7. Oh my, that pic is certainly catching my eye.

    Congrats on getting a show. That is fantastic!

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