Art Is Like Love.

dscn0188I realized this morning while immersed in the land of encaustic painting that it is the process that matters.  When we focus too much on the outcome we lose the joy in the process.  The layers, the richness, our journey.

And too that…

Art is like love you can’t control it, only be present for where it goes.


9 Responses to “Art Is Like Love.”

  1. joliesse Says:

    I keep coming back to your blog, and I keep being surprised by how easily one or two lines in your posts can just hook me in.

    This left me breathless, and I love the work that you are doing now. Both in your art and in your mind.

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  3. in my martial art we say: Don’t be concerned with outcome. It’s a matter of letting go, trusting, accepting. Sometimes it is hard. Art, life, stuff…

    keep on, sister!

  4. I love that & I agree completely, it’s all about the process.

  5. Well said 🙂

  6. ladyguinevere7 Says:

    as Joliesse said very well….i, too, keep coming back and reading your blog.

    and yes..i am learning to enjoy the process rather than the outcome, myself.

    and for the dating? get a throwaway cell phone…just in case! LOL though i’ve gotta say…online is the way to go!

  7. i totally agree, aout art, and about love, the more in the moment you are, the more you enjoy the process of it. I had an artist friend who got me started working with quality canvas/frames. The result was i took more time with each piece and it changed how i felt about process.

  8. Good points made here. Thanks – I needed those today.

  9. “When we focus too much on the outcome we lose the joy in the process”

    This was exactly the comment I wanted to make to your OFAD post. Thanks for finding the words for me.

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