Scrape it all off, start over.

Art so often mimics life.  It’s a representation of all we see, feel, experience.  We have all of these visions and  begin the process of moving towards this idea, making it materialize in our lives.  Sometimes the results are not anything like our vision – at times what we achieve is much better than anything we imagined.

Or sometimes we just end up with a mess.  Yesterday I ended up with a mess – nothing like I imagined but rather more like everything you fear…an ugly, ugly failure.  Not a Picasso, not what you imagined did I sign up for this?

So you scrape it off.  Encaustic painting is painting with wax – colored waxes or working with wax mediums and collage, oil paint, pigment sticks.  So I looked at the sum of my failures…took a deep breath.  Scraped it all off, threw the detritus away.

I realized again how much art mimics life and how both give you yet another chance to start all over again – leaner, lighter, smarter.  You keep your vision, you take a deep breath and you begin all over again.

What have you taken a hard look at, scraped, edited, peeled away — in moving to a more genuine, honest and authentic life?  What isn’t serving you.


3 Responses to “Scrape it all off, start over.”

  1. I think some of the hardest layers were the things that other people labelled me with over the years.”You’re ugly. You’re fat. You’re different.” Those words became so ingrained that I actually believed them, and I had to sort through what is fact (my ears stick out) and what is fiction (I am not and never was ugly).

    The most challenging layer was the wall of weight that I built around myself to keep other people away. Once I made the choice to have the surgery, I gave myself permission to be authentic – but, at the time, I had no clue what I was unleashing.

  2. very good post, j. for me right now its learning to start over with what i wanted things to be like with my daughter. if i dont lessen my expectations, it will kill me. so i must let them go. if only it were as easy as scraping off the wax…..


  3. I have been scraping away at a lot of things lately. And although I really like your analogy, I am finding that some things you can scrape away at foreever, but they still leave a stain. I am learning to live with that.

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