I love this time of year — everything is so deliciously green.  It’s almost overwhelming life surging forth after a long winter’s rest.  My favorite thing in the garden are the fiddleheads poking up their long necks.  The foundation of my house and some of the surrounding beds are full of ostrich ferns.  They were a gift from a friend who died many years ago.

The fiddleheads remind me of  faith, regrowth, beginnings – for there is no such thing as loss, nothing ever really departs.  We carry our experiences in our hearts and minds, in a new form.  Transformed.

For. Ever.  Green.  My love for you – I see your life continues.  Life continues.  Beautiful green life.


4 Responses to “Fiddleheads!”

  1. I Smell Summer!

  2. I wish I shared your views on loss. Lately I am feeling big holes – but they are surrounded by much love.

    On another note – every year I say I’m going to plant ferns, and then it slips. Your picture has me re-energized.

  3. I have fiddleheads in my back yard too. Bing is NUTS about them because they are so green and take up a lot of room. Less to mow.

  4. Beautiful portrait! All of our ferns are doing the same thing. Such a vision of renewal. Unfurling.


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