Poppies. all done.



So I’ve finished my first encaustic painting.  Right now it is titled “Poppies” inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem of the same name.  The piece is a diptych (which means a set of two).  I can’t wait to start another in the morning.  I incised the poppy drawing into the surface of the wax and filled it with oil sticks, rubbed off, more wax, more scraping la, la, la.  Now all it has to do is cure and I need to finish up the edges.

Oh and I got my first show for the raku tiles…very jazzed up about it.  I found out the names of some other artists who have had work there and I really respect them.


10 Responses to “Poppies. all done.”

  1. It’s lovely

  2. I once told an artist friend that I don’t understand (modern) art. And she told me to just be aware of how the art makes me feel. These make me smile.

    And congrats on the show. You certainly deserve some good things happening in your life.

  3. depth, layers. sense of flow – beautiful!

  4. beautiful light-filled layers. so warm.

    congrats on the show. things are turning your way…

  5. these are exceptionally beautiful. i really like the poppy image.

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