Please be sure to visit my new blog!


Please be sure to visit my new blog – it’s all about art and words.  It’s located HERE.  Right now I am doing a “generosity meme” if you leave a comment on the post you’ll be entered into a drawing for a gift of art.  Five people will get something hand crafted by your’s truely.  I’ll draw the names on Saturday.


7 Responses to “Please be sure to visit my new blog!”

  1. this piece looks like a cautionary tale….

  2. Beautiful. Moody. Maybe it’s just me but I see a silhouette of a solitary person.

  3. I’m guessing I’m not one of the 5…you haven’t let me know I won a piece…errrr, piece of you…..errr, piece of your art.


    • Oh I have neglected to mention who is um …getting a piece. I better do that – you know I offered something to Katie, Melissa, Vienna and they all turned me down.

      sigh. fools.

      • big fools.

      • Very foolish. Perhaps you could take your art to a new level – ala Van Gogh – and send them a piece of you. Nah – then your eyeglasses would keep falling off.

  4. beautiful piece, full of darkness alongside vibrant blood red color. i like all the movement in it as well. i’m just in awe of people like you who have the where-with-all to put it out there for all of us nerds to see. it’s brave, and brilliant. thank you.

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