So it’s been a week…


So it’s been a while since I have posted – I am sorry.  I’ve been busy and mostly really good.  I will confess dating well I had a lovely time but really all it inspired was my desire to call up the past…yes even literally (and even while on the date).  I am a dog and I was depressed as hell, really hit the very hard wall for about two days.  But phew  that’s over, I think and I am back to my witty, immature self.

The show – it really wasn’t my art show but it was referred to as “my art show” was a success.  I am even in the last issue of the Lansing City Pulse (you can look it up online if you are really interested in stalking me are inclined to do so).  My diptych painting “When She Left” is in the paper with news about the first Sunday gallery walk.  I have sold two paintings and a rake/painted piece already.

So I got online and ordered five pounds of beeswax and another pound of damar resin – I’ll be mixing up a big vat of medium and don’t plan to run out anytime soon.  Have been doing some underpainting, working on going up in scale a bit.  However I am struggling with it this week and am not really all that jazzed up about what I am producing with the encaustic paintings.  Lots of experimentation but results falling short at the moment.

Clay makes me happy, the painting makes me happy, dogs make me happy (I am wickedly busy – that is all good.  Big classes & lots of appointments booking) summer makes me happy but it’s still too fucking cold. Friends, family.

Pumping – getting back into the gym, I was too busy to even get there last week which is never good for me.  So yesterday I got back into the gym finally!  Part of my routine was to lift, on the decline bench press 85lbs. 20 times and then on the regular bench press to lift 95lbs. 10 times. I do all free weights and very few machines.  Getting close to my goal which is to lift 100 lbs. all while wearing red high heels.  (OK part of that is not true).  But I feel much more centered when I am going to the gym routinely helps with all of the neurotic, excess energy.

And it’s Michigan pride weekend – so busy, busy, busy.  Enjoy your week!!


8 Responses to “So it’s been a week…”

  1. I am so happy that your show was a hit! Congratulations!

  2. Glad to hear you are busy with good energy stuff. And congrats on the art work sales!

  3. You’re right, it is too fucking cold. It’s June already.

    Your art is amazing, and you deserve all the sales and recognition that you get.

  4. So does that mean you were wearing the red high heels and didn’t quite hit the 100 lbs?
    See you at Pride!

    • No red heels for me – no heels anymore unless they are on boots.

      YEAH PRIDE – will you and Ann hit the White Party? I have to shop for something white.

      And I can lift 100 lbs. but just not over and over again…but I only need one 35 year old. : – )

  5. HA! I missed this reply. Hilarious!

  6. Well at least you have a broad range. LOL! I’ll keep my eye out for someone in that 20 year range who I think can keep up with you.

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