A Few Random Updates…

km_lineThe KILN IS FINALLY on it’s way — I am too jazzed up to have it land.  Currently I am clearing out and cleaning up to set up the area to fire and do the raku reductions.  Work (bisque and greenware) is everywhere so it will be really nice to finally be able to fire things at my pace and finish pieces up.  Now I’ll be able to experiment with different finishes and see things quickly.  Jazzed, jazzed, jazzed.

You can see some of the new raku reliquary I have been building here.

Everything hurts (well everything from the waist down) as I have maintained the practice of running – I was just not getting enough of a workout on my standard practice of steppers, stairmasters and various elliptical machines.  Running is just a harder workout that involves more muscle groups.  Hope the new shoes mean that I will be more comfortable.

The face when I asked the young man at the gym “can I have those when you are done” was priceless.  When he finished with the 20 lb dumbells – I did two sets of 10 bicep curls.  He moved to the other side of the weight room.  That part of my body is not sore and I’m butching it up some more as I intend to get back in to have my tattoo extended for my next birthday (or maybe I’ll do it before then if I just can’t wait, patience has never been a virtue of mine).

I have been doing some new encaustic work at well – and am really getting into experimenting with shellac burns.  One literally douses the work with shellac and lights it on fire.  “When She Blushed” and “Metamorphosis” were made that way.  Oh wait did I post about that here already?  I know photos are up here.

I dunno, dunno, dunno.  What have I written about – what not, and where.

Believe I am going to sign up for an on-line photography/discovery course called “Unraveling” – I need the stimulation and the challenge.  Regular assignments mean I will show up to do the work.  Peer pressure gets me moving.  Going to go run the hounds, do some painting and consider that course this morning.

Business is good, I am busy — all I want to do it twitter around and paint.  Love, love, love summer!  It’s finally really hot here the kind of weather I love 80’s  & 90’s – feels like I am living in a sauna.  Love it!


2 Responses to “A Few Random Updates…”

  1. We got our first sunny warm day here also. Out of the last 22 days, it has rained 18 of them. Yuck. Not sure why we live in the north when summer is so much longer in the south.

    Looking forward to seeing all you new work.

  2. I’m just loving this weather! It’s about time….

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