Random sound bytes.

So summer is here and I am thrilled – it means sleeping in late, tons of fresh berries and omelettes with pesto sauce.  Fresh salads of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese. olive oil and yes more basil!  This morning I enjoyed some great whole wheat bread from a local bakery and it was slathered with butter and mimosa jam.  The jam was from Stonewall Kitchen – one of my favorite companies.

I. Love.  Summer.  Even 90 degrees – even 90 + degrees and high humidity…summer is just so luscious, sensuous and dramatic.  An attractive dramatic, in a way zero degrees and a blizzard is not.


Photograph by Susannah Conway

So I got into my e-course “Unraveling” as if I needed lessons in how to unravel – well apparently I do.  I received notice of the new course starting and I procrastinated (but only overnight) thinking I’d sleep on it and enroll in the morning.  Well the course sold out in seven hours – 150 students.  So with a little help from a generous universe I managed through the grace of it’s host to get into the e-course. It begins July 13 and I am looking forward to the challenge of delving into my creativity, as well as my psyche.  You can visit Susannah’s website here to learn more about it.

The June training courses have all started and it will be a busy summer there – now I need to sit down and prepare a schedule and start promoting the next sessions in August & September. I really feel a need to get a vacation in this summer if only to our families summer place.  A week or even something short of a week staring at a lake and dipping my toes in the water after dark is something I think I need.

Oh and I am reading “Art & Fear” (observations on the perils and rewards of art making) and I highly, highly recommend it.

So come share your comments – what are your favorite things about summer?


5 Responses to “Random sound bytes.”

  1. The heat! I love the heat. I love wearing little nighties and cute boxer shorts with tank tops around the apartment. I love flip flops and sandals and fancy hats with sunglasses which look the best when worn with a big, puffy skirt on sunny days, eating at an outdoor table in the city. Oh sweet, sweet summer, how I’ve missed you so.

  2. The heat. The sun. Strawberries with Devon cream, raspberries, peaches golden and dripping, music, outdoor concerts (hillside in canada and michfest if I can afford it), heavy humid days, thunderstorms rolling through and the rumbles as they leave. My garden bountiful – tomatoes, basil, basil and more basil, hot peppers, beans, carrots. The beach, the sand the sun, walking with someone special.

    I’ve taken a page from your book and started running. It hurts like hell, but does it ever feel good!

  3. I love fresh fruits and berrys that are not out in the winter and fall. I love the way the forest smells of pine, and decomposing plants. I love farmers market being open.

  4. I LOVE basil too–brushetta and on pizza and would love any recipes with pesto… I love cool mornings and sunsets on the mountainside. I love when it gets so hot that it’s a relief to jump into a mountain lake. And for some reason dancing is better during the summer–while I’m cooking or doing chores…and now with an adopted daughter. Blueberries and raspberries with strawberries on the side…Hiking and biking when the little one gets a bit older.

  5. good for you in terms of the online course. I looked it up when you wrote about it yesterday, and almost signed up myself, it looks fabulous. But i hesitated, and i guess i shouldn’t have!

    Hopefully you will share, write about it when you are doing it, and maybe i’ll get off my butt sooneer and take it later on this year.

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