Goodness…long time no post.

Long time without posting but the summer is going really well – and it’s my favorite season.  I am working out quite a bit and have reached some of my fitness goals regarding weight lifting and recently I have started running.  In fact I am enjoying (for the first time) running so much that I have decided to run a half marathon in 2010.  So in May of 2010 I will be running the “Flying Pig Half Marathon” in Cleveland Ohio.

THE KILN IS HERE!  It is too amazing it’s here and I am doing a bisque firing as I type, the kiln is loaded with tiles, forbidden fruit and my queer girl wall plaques – when pieces reach completion I will post some photos.  And everything will be for sale for now it fires – as I don’t hear any popping it seems nothing is exploding.  ( I sort of forgot to poke an air hole in the last batch of forbidden fruit and one exploded…oops).

Beginning September 1 – I will be committing to a dedicated studio practice.  That means I will not be walking dogs anymore and instead I will be in the art studio working.  My classes and consultations are going well enough that I think I can make this work and it will be nice to commit to making art.  Outcome is not important, doing the work, immersing myself in the work is.  And the doggy business – well I had 100 new clients in June/July – so one could say that is going very well.

Oh and I am reading this and I’ll let you know how I like it.  So come comment – what is up in your world?  Enjoying Summer?nobodypasses


12 Responses to “Goodness…long time no post.”

  1. I am incredibly happy to see you back in the blogging world. In fact, I had just started an email to you to see how you were doing. And apparently you are doing quite well. I’m smiling.

  2. A dedicated studio practice – amazing. Good for you for taking that leap!

  3. I’m smiling too!! So happy you’re here and doing damn good. I’m certain that nobody would complain if you showed off a bit of that hard work in the gym. Just sayin’

  4. A dedicated studio practice sounds heavenly. Good for you, good, good, good, for you. Now just move that kiln to Az already, won’t you?

    Queer girl wall plaques? Did I miss something? do tell….

  5. So good to hear that you are busy with things you like! I hope that continues…

    Summer has been busy round here and I am looking forward to it winding down a bit.

  6. Hey that is so wonderful. I wish you the best of everything on this new endeavor.

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