She’s back! Honest Scrap


I need to thank my friend Monica at My Montana Blu for giving me the “Honest Scrap” award – my thanks.  I am trying to get back to the habit of blogging.  Now the rules as I understand them include that I am to give you “10 Honest Scraps” so here are 10 random facts about me lately.

1. I am preparing for my FIRST art show – it opens on Tuesday September 22.  (yeah I am excited)

2. I have a kiln full of pieces for the show bisque firing now, I have a box of frames to frame up the other pieces – I have pieces in various stages of drying, to be fired, to be glazed, to go through the raku process.

3. I love my life – I am truely very happy and fulfilled at the moment.  AND I think I have found the secret to keeping things that way.

4. I have met someone on-line that I am kind of keen on, it seems mutual – we have a good foundation of friendship started.  One distinct advantage of long distances.

5. I will be entertaining someone from out of town (yeah, yeah) next week.  She smiles.

6. I’m training for a half marathon that takes place in May, yes really.  My running form is getting better and I am running anywhere from 3-4.5 miles when I go out now.

7. I had a birthday – I am 47 years young.

8. She is 35 …this is the year of the 35 year olds.  When one younger woman does not work out what do you do?  You find someone even younger that’s my motto apparently.

9. Let’s see  – Oh I quit dog walking as I don’t need to dog walk and I have committed to a “studio practice” with my art.  So I am spending many more hours a week making art.  It’s wonderful.

10.  I still love Melissa Ferrick and now I also love Ani DiFranco (you know she just always fell under my radar) well I am seeing her in concert next week (woot, woot) and in the meantime I am listening to all things Ani DiFranco!

Thanks again Monica – I am not going to tag anyone because I’d tag everyone!  So if you are reading and you want an “Honest Scrap Award” well I honestly love you, I do!



3 Responses to “She’s back! Honest Scrap”

  1. I can feel your excitement – it’s electric. Congratulations on the show and on your out of town guest. Very nice.

    35 year olds are the new black. We are the current it thing. 🙂

  2. Happy birthday. You know 47 is the new 37 – so you are much closer in age than you think. Because 35 is still 35 – we don’t start going backwards until 40. Am I making any sense?

  3. Candace Randall Says:

    47? Ann Arbor? It’s not the same place I grew up in. Artist? Potter?

    I used to know a fellow named I. B. Remson, I sold him fire wood many many years ago. He made large things, said he build kiln’s around his pieces.

    Slauson alumni. And yourself?

    There is a source of ancient glass here where I live now. Ancient glass? Yeah, broken glass that’s 100 or more years old. The old radio active greens you can’t get, and what ever else. It’s a place where they were land filling a lake, and gave up on it. I used to pick the broken glass out of a spot where I liked to take my dog, it was hard on our feet. Then it started vanishing off the beach. I guess somebody valued it.

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