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A few more easy questions…before I tackle harder stuff.

Posted in 30 questions, meme on December 13, 2008 by boychick1

O.C. of Bears Mountain asks…

Favorite meal?

When I lived to eat (instead of trying to eat to live) I regularly indulged in baby back ribs, onion rings, bacon cheeseburgers and coney islands/chili fries. Those were all the “death on a plate” delicacies I’d overstuff myself on.

The two best meals of my life were had at…B.Smith’s restaurant in New York City. Trips to the city often included eating there, the last time I was there I had a conversation with Lou Gosset Jr. (that was really cool). I would order chicken with a shallot sauce…to die for. I’d try to step outside of that but I was never able to order anything else I loved it so much.

The other best meal was at Bistro 110 in Chicago – love that restaurant too, yes a trip to Chicago equaled going to Bistro 110. I know the meal I died for involved scallops with either a sun dried tomatoes or roasted red pepper sauce.

I did everything short of lick the plate at both locations — I had a food orgasm, the best!

Arial Ray
asked What is your ideal place to live?

I could be happy anywhere really – even Lansing (but it’s challenging).

If we are playing the “anything, anywhere game” – I’d spend my summers in Provincetown and I’d winter in Taos or Sante Fe…Tuscon, Sedona.

I love water and the ocean – and artists, and creativity and loads of gay women. A place with a lot of diversity and music to fill my nights. While I have not been to P-Town I think it would qualify. Northampton would too (minus the ocean ringside) – I like Northampton a lot.

But then winter arrives (and I really am beginning to despise winter) so I need warm air and while I love water…I also love it’s opposite the desert. The desert is quiet, elemental – it is as close as I get to a spiritual existence. Love it (did I mention that I love it).

I’d live near Sante Fe clay – wear jeans and cowboy boots everyday. Get more tattoos, let my hair go grey and my skin grow dry and wrinkled…and make art. There is also a LGBT retirement home there so my little brother would have somewhere to send me when the time comes. Unless I outlive him.

Going to get to your question Freedom Girl about gender and how I identify…maybe later today. Right now all of these restless, restless hounds are demanding a walk.



Another Question…next chapter of your life.

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My friend at the 8th Day Planner asks…

If you could write the next chapter of your life, what would be the story, the characters, the setting, etc.?

O-key dokes – be 18, don’t be my mother – don’t read it if it will bother you…

I’m waking up slowly, the southwestern sun is streaming in through the open windows – stretching my arms out across the expanse of the empty bed, pulling back the twisted sheets, I think to myself well I’ve slept better.

Roll out of bed knowing there is some work I’d like to do in the studio and wonder aren’t friends coming over for dinner later? I think so. Pull on some jeans and walk into the kitchen.

You’re at the counter making coffee, it’s unusual for you to be up before I am. I take in the sight of you before you know I am there…your bare feet, the loose jeans riding your hip bones – the way the sunlight is hitting your hair. So beautiful.

I come up behind you and put a hand on each of your hips and press myself in close behind you. “Well good morning” – you say. “Good Morning”. My hands slide up under your t-shirt and find their home, you’re still hanging onto the empty coffee carafe. I begin to stroke, and squeeze – my fingers find your nipples and I start twisting them slowly at first, then harder. We both gasp – you put the coffee carafe down. Your head bends back and I find your neck.

Drinking in that wonderful scent

of you,
of me,
of us,
our bed and it’s twisted sheets.
Where the southwestern sun
kisses your neck,
where the red rock lingers.
And bergamot,
always bergamot.

I kiss your neck and suck and bite playfully, gently. My teeth find your earlobe
and I tell you “god I love you so much” and …
“this is where I want to spend the next chapter of my life, right here”.

I think you had some other questions too but I can’t think of them right now and I definitely need some more coffee. Way more coffee. Bejeebus more coffee.

More questions…

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Kat asked…
What was your favorite author growing up and who is your current favorite?

As bookish as I am as an adult — I was not a bookish child or certainly not to the extent of remembering a favorite author. I did as a small child love the Beatrix Potter story “The Tale of Jeremy Fisher” because I loved fishing and spent a lot of time with my father fishing and I loved frogs. And snakes, and turtles and puppy dog tails. Imagine Jeff Corwin or the Crocodile Hunter that is the kind of little girl I was. Always in the creek capturing something frog, snake, snapping turtle that I would then come home with and create a habitat for.

The first book I read that I remember having a profound impact on me and spending a long time with was Henry David Thoreau’s Walden…this was in college. I spent a summer at MSU away from my friends, not knowing anyone here and taking summer classes. I spent a great deal of time alone and reading Walden. It was quite a contrast for me as I generally spent my time around a lot of people.

My favorite authors now are…
as a humorist/satirist David Sedaris,
creative non-fiction Terry Tempest Williams,
fiction Dorothy Allison, Joyce Carol Oates.
Poets Mary Oliver and Galway Kinnnell.

Rose asked…

Would you rather date someone who you have a lot in common with or someone who has a lot of different interests than you? Why?
What type of woman are you attracted to?

I would rather date someone I have a lot in common with – I think we all want a spiritual, physical and intellectual connection. That is easier I think with common interests and mutual attractions and curiousity about one another. But that said I really am attracted to people who are passionate about things – (well with football being an exception, I am not a sports nut).

As far as a type goes — I am most often strongly attracted to people who are creative & right brained, romantic. Artists, musicians, dancers, writers. I am less attracted to left brained rational, more scientific types. Not attracted to people that are judgemental – more conventional. Johnny Depp any day over Tom Cruise. Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Anniston.

As far as a physical type — I like many different types and not necessarily a beautiful woman (but who doesn’t like beautiful women) but a sense of style is important to me, again I prefer less conventional. I lean towards feminine or certainly not more masculine then I am. Feminine women or bois. I don’t go for butch women to date – nope, nope.

I like the skinny little rock star (and that look) Melissa Ferrick, Kate Moennig, Patty Smith, Ember Swift. Then too I also like the freckled Irish Catholic girl next door – that might be a familiarity thing. And Lucy Lui is hot — love her.

First Question…First Answer

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I am listening to Ember Swift — who I must say is a really interesting musician, lovely and different. I am really liking the stuff I am listening to.

So here is the first question/first answer. This one is from “anonymous”…

Why do you feel compelled to tell all in a blog? (although this question may sound judgmental, it isn’t – some things you express help me, just curious about the motivation)

Wow. Well to clarify — I so don’t tell all or even close to all. But having said that I try to live with 1. an open heart 2. a sense of unity with others 3. a mind that is forever searching

Open heart …if we live with an open heart we are able to see and accept love from others, I tend to be pretty unguarded in this regard. That sounds funny from a seemingly serial single girl – what I am sensitive to is someone needing something from me to fulfill themselves. That kind of need scares me – love and being open doesn’t.

A sense of unity. As much of an individual as I like to think I am – in essence I feel we all have a lot more in common then we do differences. I don’t really see boundaries – I’ll talk to a famous person, or an infamous, downtrodden one. We’re all the same really – there isn’t anything to hide.

I write and share because I am always seeking — often more interested in questions, than answers.

I write here to sort out my life, I share what I do to feel less alone,sort my thoughts and to reach out a hand to those who read my blog. It does feel ridiculously self indulgent – this purging of one’s thoughts and feelings. I am really grateful for the feedback and like the attention when someone responds or carries on a dialogue with me. I think we all want others to be curious about us and I crave meeting people who I am fascinated with.