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Posted in blog news, Muscles, Personal ramblings on March 30, 2008 by boychick1

On a personal note I benchpressed 85 lbs. today on the free weights 20 times (two sets of ten) this goal has taken about a year to achieve. I am stronger then I have ever been in my life – so go 45, let one never think it’s all downhill. But don’t you call me butch, you can call me bitch. Women are strong – ain’t nothin’ manly about it (but more on all of that later). Let’s stretch our thinking and our bodies outside of stereotypes and labels.

I have been doing a bit of housekeeping on the blog – never a strong suit of mine. Housekeeping = bletch! Nonetheless I have added some of my favorite sources of inspiration – the websites of artists I love, as well as one for must see documentaries.

AND at the request of O.C. and it does make sense, I have added labels to the site. So now one can peruse the labels and go right to what you want. All my thoughts on music, or poetry, or my own art or prose — or right to the boring confessionals and ramblings of a queer mind.

Let me know if it helps — I really recommend adding labels to your posts from the beginning, I have spent hours backtracking to add labels.