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Freeheld now out on DVD!

Posted in Documentaries, lesbians, sheltering, Sue Sternberg on September 13, 2008 by boychick1

I first became aware of Cynthia Wade and her film making work when I was employed in animal welfare – she was shooting her 2004 award winning documentary Shelter Dogs which played on the HBO Undercover Series. The documentary featured a (major infatuation) colleague and former close friend of mine Sue Sternberg a well known and somewhat controversial figure in animal welfare. Sue showed me some early footage of the documentary when I was staying at her home/shelter in upstate New York.

Later I had dinner with Cynthia in Birmingham as she was screening her film around the country. I was also there to field any questions from the audience after the film that might need the input/expertise of someone working in animal welfare and sheltering.

So a few years later I was thrilled for her when I learned her movie Freeheld was up for an Academy Award for best short documentary and won! I wrote about it here.

This is a description of her film from the website…

Lieutenant Laurel Hester is dying.

All she wants to do is leave her pension benefits to her life partner – Stacie, so Stacie can afford to keep their house. Laurel is told no; they are not husband and wife.

After spending a lifetime fighting for justice for other people, Laurel – a veteran New Jersey detective – launches a battle for justice. Knuckle-biting, dramatic Freeheld chronicles a dying policewoman’s bitter fight to provide for the love of her life.

This Academy Award winning documentary Freeheld is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase – you can click HERE to purchase Freeheld on DVD.

Here is a look at the trailer for the film…


Who Does She Think She Is?

Posted in Documentaries on August 29, 2008 by boychick1

Wow…I saw this mentioned on a friend’s blog.

I want to see THIS NOW!

Go check it out (get back to me, doesn’t it look fantastic).


Girls Rock! The Movie.

Posted in Documentaries on March 29, 2008 by boychick1

My friend Casey just alerted me to this documentary entitled “Girls Rock” – it looks fantastic and Michigan is waiting until August? For a showing in Flint…well hell that just is not right. So I joined the “Street Team” and we’ll see if Lansing, that cultural hotbed of the mid-west can’t screen it a little sooner. If you’re lucky
Girls Rock may have opened in your area already. It’s a must see. The trailer had me laughing, crying and wanting to stand up and shout or just move to Portland and work/ volunteer there. See for yourself…

I LOVE the young woman’s quote at the end “everyone is beautiful, especially when they decide to be powerful, especially when they decide to rock”.

You all ROCK — thanks for visiting my blog, go inspire someone & rock their world!


Cynthia Wade & Freeheld WON The Oscar!

Posted in Documentaries on February 25, 2008 by boychick1

But I wasn’t watching the Academy Awards last night for best film, best actor, or actress — the category I was keeping an eye on was “Best Short Documentary” and she won! Cynthia Wade Won!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Wade in 2004 (or 2005) when her documentary
Shelter Dogs was screening around the country, we had dinner together in Birmingham, Michigan.

Cynthia is intelligent, passionate, kind, crazy talented, a beautiful human being — so I was beyond ecstatic last night when this moment happened and she won the Oscar!

I am so damn happy for Cynthia, and for this important film. Of course I hope the added attention, the academy award win – will boost the numbers of people that will see this film, which humanizes the LGBTQ community in an honest, authentic and sensitive manner. Art does change our lives and I believe, I know, this documentary will change lives.

Thank you Cynthia Wade for your entire body of work — you have received the attention you absolutely deserve — it was a pleasure and honor to meet you, I am blessed to know you, and you have raised us all up with every film you create.

I am not going to do any more posting this week – as I want everyone who stops in to look at this little blog to see this post, this film …send it around, link up, link up. Let’s get this issue and this film in every spotlight (or dimlight) we can find.
I believe in our revolution and the power of our voices united.


Small Town Gay Bar

Posted in Documentaries, Queer Issues on January 18, 2008 by boychick1

I watched Small Town Gay Bar the other evening – an award winning documentary by director Malcom Ingram. The movie is set in rural Mississippi and frankly living as a gay person in the deep south is terrifying to me, one wants to shout “move”, “hurry”, “now” and I would imagine people do.

Small Town Gay Bar reveals the strength of the human spirit and is a testament to how people will survive and find community regardless of their circumstances. People will come together (on many levels – ha unintentional funny, I’ll leave in. Oops there’s another) and perhaps even thrive despite attempted oppression.

It is entertaining and moving – the film will carry you through moments of intense anger, fear, sadness and then send you reeling with laughter.

A great story about social oppression, survival and anyone who has experienced “a little help from their friends” will relate to Small Town Gay Bar. Or was it relate in a small town gay bar? – oh dog stop me now…

For The Bible Tells Me So

Posted in Documentaries on December 14, 2007 by boychick1

For The Bible Tells Me So – a powerful documentary goes on sale, on a pre-order basis today. Watch the trailer posted to You Tube.

You can pre-order the DVD today click this link.