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Happy Pride!

Posted in Photos of me on June 28, 2008 by boychick1

45 going on 5…I’m off for a weekend of fun at Michigan Pride!


More…poetry Friday night.

Posted in On Poetry, Personal ramblings, Photos of me on April 25, 2008 by boychick1

I’ve given Red Bird one quick read through this morning, after I walked the dogs I spent some time on the recliner in the backyard reading. It reached almost 80 degrees here… it was blissful. Then to the gym and had just one client’s dog to work with today. An easy day. I had over seven phone calls but I ignored them – not great for business but I will catch them tomorrow. Have some long days ahead so I took it easy today. I’ve also lined up some landscaping work and will be working with a landscaper that I met at the art studio. Should help to alleviate some of my money worries and any time I spend outside (or listening to music) does not feel like working. As intellectual as I am inclined to be, I really enjoy manual labor (as long as it does not resemble housework in any way). Probably because it allows me to daydream and think about what I want to think about. There is also something terribly honest about manual labor and I love that about it.

And it’s poetry tonight…in a few hours I will be listening/watching Andrea Gibson perform at Eastern Michigan University. Better get myself ready i.e. “all queered up” for a night out.

In the meantime let me share another poem from a great collection…Percy is Mary’s dog.

I Ask Percy How I Should Live My Life (Ten)

Love, love, love, says Percy.
And run as fast as you can
along the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.

Then, go to sleep.
Give up your body heat, your beating heart.
Then, trust.

Silly says…enough reading and blogging already!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted in Mindless Fun, Photos of me on February 15, 2008 by boychick1

My silly Valentine to you…


Offerings 2.14.08

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Education should be in harmony with the child’s essentially kind nature. The most important element in that children be raised in a climate of love and tenderness. Although from an ideal perspective human qualities ought to be developed in conjunction with kindness, I often say that if I had to choose between important qualities and kindness, I believe I would choose kindness. – The 14th Dalai Lama

My dog the one in the photo will be 13 tomorrow, my niece is in high school. Oh I look exactly the same of course – there has been a tiny, tiny affect of gravity but otherwise…

Offerings 2.02.08

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“Every individual in the world has a unique contribution.” – Jack Kornfield

My 13 Year Old Self

Posted in My Personal Views On Queerness, Personal ramblings, Photos of me on January 14, 2008 by boychick1

Phew — I have been away from writing and posting to my own blog for over a week, my apologies. While busier working – I’m still not that busy. Rather I have been reading blogs and enjoying the writing of other bloggers, what a wonderful culture of talented writers. I’m sure the blog roll is really going to grow with the next update.

That said I ran across a very interesting post at The Wishful Writer – the exercise involved writing a letter to your 13 year old self.

I’m not one to go back with a long list of regrets or re-do’s. Feeling in each moment of our lives we are already doing our best. And this is not a photo of my 13 y.o. self, I’m younger but 13 didn’t look much different, just greasier.

Dear Me-

It will all get easier – hang in there. Know how beautiful you are and live in the way your heart and spirit tell you to live. You aren’t here to live anyone else’s life or dreams but your own. They have dreams for you but the dreams you have for yourself are the ones that matter.

Girls are not just quiet, nice and pretty. Your thoughts, your spirit, your spunk and questioning mind are blessings. Use them – you don’t have to believe in God, or get married, or wear dresses. Little girls get muddy, and catch frogs and hit baseballs and it’s all ok.

Just use you mind, just keep thinking – it’s fine to question things and think for yourself and no …no one should’ve washed your mouth out with soap. You didn’t deserve the spankings either.

I’m sorry your cousin molested you, that was not right and not your fault. You were only 3 or 4 years old. It did happen, you do remember it correctly and you were too little to know what to do to make it stop.

Yes your parents love you so it’s confusing at times, love is confusing. Someday it will be easier for you to have compassion for the errors of your parents. They do the things they do because they are afraid (they had hard childhoods) but you don’t have to be afraid of people who look different, of different religions, or races, or sexual orientations.

In fact honey you are queer – that will all turn out to be just fine, it will take quite a long time to get there. And by the time your views change on marriage, your’s would be illegal but maybe honey that will change.

You are enough, you are unique — grab your dreams girl and go!


P.S. I think you can just keep re-reading this letter for the rest of your life.