All I Want To Do Is Make Art.

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All I want to do is make art – I am having so much fun and my hands are finally beginning to catch up with my head.  Here are some photos of what I am calling “Forbidden Fruit” and they are handbuilt stoneware that are then raku fired.  I think I have found my passion – it’s clay and this really hot kiln I am calling Carmen.



She’s back! Honest Scrap

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I need to thank my friend Monica at My Montana Blu for giving me the “Honest Scrap” award – my thanks.  I am trying to get back to the habit of blogging.  Now the rules as I understand them include that I am to give you “10 Honest Scraps” so here are 10 random facts about me lately.

1. I am preparing for my FIRST art show – it opens on Tuesday September 22.  (yeah I am excited)

2. I have a kiln full of pieces for the show bisque firing now, I have a box of frames to frame up the other pieces – I have pieces in various stages of drying, to be fired, to be glazed, to go through the raku process.

3. I love my life – I am truely very happy and fulfilled at the moment.  AND I think I have found the secret to keeping things that way.

4. I have met someone on-line that I am kind of keen on, it seems mutual – we have a good foundation of friendship started.  One distinct advantage of long distances.

5. I will be entertaining someone from out of town (yeah, yeah) next week.  She smiles.

6. I’m training for a half marathon that takes place in May, yes really.  My running form is getting better and I am running anywhere from 3-4.5 miles when I go out now.

7. I had a birthday – I am 47 years young.

8. She is 35 …this is the year of the 35 year olds.  When one younger woman does not work out what do you do?  You find someone even younger that’s my motto apparently.

9. Let’s see  – Oh I quit dog walking as I don’t need to dog walk and I have committed to a “studio practice” with my art.  So I am spending many more hours a week making art.  It’s wonderful.

10.  I still love Melissa Ferrick and now I also love Ani DiFranco (you know she just always fell under my radar) well I am seeing her in concert next week (woot, woot) and in the meantime I am listening to all things Ani DiFranco!

Thanks again Monica – I am not going to tag anyone because I’d tag everyone!  So if you are reading and you want an “Honest Scrap Award” well I honestly love you, I do!


Goodness…long time no post.

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Long time without posting but the summer is going really well – and it’s my favorite season.  I am working out quite a bit and have reached some of my fitness goals regarding weight lifting and recently I have started running.  In fact I am enjoying (for the first time) running so much that I have decided to run a half marathon in 2010.  So in May of 2010 I will be running the “Flying Pig Half Marathon” in Cleveland Ohio.

THE KILN IS HERE!  It is too amazing it’s here and I am doing a bisque firing as I type, the kiln is loaded with tiles, forbidden fruit and my queer girl wall plaques – when pieces reach completion I will post some photos.  And everything will be for sale for now it fires – as I don’t hear any popping it seems nothing is exploding.  ( I sort of forgot to poke an air hole in the last batch of forbidden fruit and one exploded…oops).

Beginning September 1 – I will be committing to a dedicated studio practice.  That means I will not be walking dogs anymore and instead I will be in the art studio working.  My classes and consultations are going well enough that I think I can make this work and it will be nice to commit to making art.  Outcome is not important, doing the work, immersing myself in the work is.  And the doggy business – well I had 100 new clients in June/July – so one could say that is going very well.

Oh and I am reading this and I’ll let you know how I like it.  So come comment – what is up in your world?  Enjoying Summer?nobodypasses

Jenny Mendes

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I bought this today at the Ann Arbor Art Fair …isn’t it great, I’m in love with it.  From one of my favorite ceramic artists Jenny Mendes.


Bad Relationship

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I have a confession to make – I’m in a bad, bad relationship.  It’s with my blog – well not so much my art blog but with this one.  Our minds make linkages or at least mine does – I’ll relate a song, or a scent, or a place to other events.  A song will remind me of a pet, a certain meal will bring back memories of a special friend.  The scent of a hair product will remind me of a morning in bed with someone I love.

I’ve not been writing – I think in large part because many of the things I needed to work out through writing worked themselves out. And as I mentioned I have a bad relationship with this blog…I have linked it up with the end of my last relationship.  It was a bone of contention, not at first, not during but as the relationship came to an end.  Suddenly writing about the relationship was a problem.  People were reading and it felt like a loss of privacy.

There was a bit too much interest and jealousy about our relationship from outside parties – I see that now – I don’t know who invited that …I did not but they visited anonymously and freaked both of us out.

But the blog contributed to some crazy behavior (mostly on my part, some on hers) and heated discussions.  In any event I have linked all of this up in my mind.

This blog doesn’t feel like a friend to me, it feels like something that contributed to the end of something that really mattered to me.  I lost contact with someone I love, deeply and I am left with this?   It was hurtful to her, I was hurtful to her — that all bothers me.  I hate the damn blog.  I hate a lot of my behavior.

And so I don’t feel like writing, not here and I don’t know what will happen or if I will feel like returning to it.  Bad taste in my mouth – really just feel like hitting a delete key once and for all.

Bad relationship with writing here and not knowing what to do  – I am just sitting with the feelings, sharing them until what I need to do becomes clear to me.

Quiet phase…

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Just going through a quiet phase on many levels – feel big (and not so big) internal shifts, feel peaceful.  I have been changing my diet pretty dramatically (trying to go vegetarian, or mostly so) and exercising a lot.  If any free time pops up I am doing something creative or touching base on Facebook.  I do read a lot of blogs and am looking at a lot of art lately.

Still impatiently waiting on the kiln and looking really forward to it.  It’s rainy and cool in Michigan today.

The new things I have been working on are here.

And since I don’t seem to be doing much writing – let’s have a rerun.  I wrote this in response to the first woman I slept with – not an experience worth being nostalgic about on any level but it did inspire this poem.

The river of my memories carry me ever forward.

But still I ask-
will I
ever learn
to live in the moment,

l  o  n  g      e   r

than I do
these memories.

The river
of my life

and out,
over, over, ever over.


Banks of my soul have been acted upon.

shores of
your affects.

Here and there
these places
discovering still,
that I have not found yet today.

I reach for
the smoothing, soothing
c u    rv  e
of your hip

but the moment
only the chill
of loss,
of remembrances,
and reverence for
a love of gentle places.


I. Miss. Michael.

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