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Sunday Musings.

Posted in Music, Personal ramblings, Uncategorized with tags , on April 19, 2009 by boychick1

I have to say first – that if you have a chance to see Katie Herzig playing anywhere near you…well you must go and see her.  She is an amazing musician and singer/songwriter.  Smart, thoughtful lyrics – she has a really interesting voice.  Very talented.  Go give her music a listen.  Katie Herzig!

My thoughts are kind of scattered this morning – flying in from all over the place.  Mother is in the hospital, a stroke, this one is appears not severe but they are running many tests.  Headache.  Gray skies return.  Cat came in with the most beautiful black capped chickadee in his mouth — no I was not interested in seeing the cycle of life and death just moments out of bed.

I just want the encaustic stuff to arrive as I have all of these ideas, many not fully formed that I want to express.  Results are not important the expression of them is.

This morning I am wondering …

did we ever have a chance? With so many women in the room – your past and mine swirling all around us.  Gone before we even got started, who did you leave with…

Play Herzig listen to her albums …The Apple Tree & Weightless listen over and over again.  Hit repeat, again – one more time, play again, play on.